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the NeedWe have all experienced these two extreme and contrasting sensations, hot and cold, during the same day or a particular activity and their negative aspects on comfort and performance. It is because our activity level, as well as external weather conditions during the same day or during several hours of the same physical exercise change, that the R&D engineers of 2nd Defense Inc. (2D) have created a unique line performance apparel offering both technical performances. Warmth when you feel cold and cooling when you feel hot.

2D performance apparel is designed to optimize the body’s natural thermoregulation capabilities through smart fibre cross-sections using Thermo°Cool™ fabric: providing evaporative cooling or thermo-buffering according to your needs.

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2D apparel with Thermo°Cool™ fabric evaporates moisture faster than other materials thanks to its unique fibre mix. The fibres are designed to provide added evaporative surface.[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” style=””]

Hollow voids in the fabric provide a lightweight material with thermobuffering properties: it protects you from temperature changes. This also prevents post exercise chill and still allows excess heat to dissipate into the air.[/wpcol_1half_end]

Wearing a 2D garment helps to keep your body at a comfortable temperature whatever the outside temperature or the physical intensity of your exercise. Without any kind of chemical treatments, the Thermo°Cool™ fabric used by 2D provides enhanced comfort coupled with moisture management during physical exertion.

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The active antimicrobial ingredient is durable and non-migratory. This ingredient has been shown to be highly effective in the laboratory against a wide range of micro organisms.

The additive will control bacteria growth on the fabric and thereby help prevent bad odours.

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By replacing traditional petrochemicals with renewable resources and biological processes, we are one step closer to building a renewable economy.
The production of the fabric we use consumes 30% less energy than fossil based nylon. (on a per lb basis).

2D focuses on performance apparel made from eco-friendly fabrics using Thermo°Cool™ and spandex compositions.
For product information visit our Gear page.

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